Stone Benchtops

Choose from our diverse range of marble, granite, travertine, limestone and engineered stone.

Italia Ceramics can transform your kitchen or bathroom with a range of the latest stone to suit the design and style of your home.

Choose from a diverse range of granite, marble, travertine and limestone, perfect for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanity tops, splashbacks, flooring and even staircases.

Our stone for benchtops and other applications are available in honed or polished finishes, various thicknesses, a large range of contemporary colours and a variety of edge detail to suit your chosen application.

Stone Benchtop CraftsmanWe source and purchase the stone for our benchtops and the benchtops are manufactured by Stoneware Productions, a proud to be a member of the CIS Group, a unique partnership between three of South Australia’s leading stone fabricators, suppliers and installers: Commercial Ceramics & Stone Pty Ltd, Italia Ceramics Pty Ltd and Stoneware Productions Pty Ltd.

The company’s experienced stonemasons select, cut and polish slabs from our substantial on-site stock of stone, drawing on many years experience, passion and respect for the raw material.

Marble Benchtops

Marble benchtops can provide subtle colour or a bold statement in the modern designer’s vision, offering colours such as beiges, browns and greys.

Granite Benchtops

Granite is an ideal material for benchtops and vanity tops for household and commercial use because it is one of nature’s hardest and densest materials and as a result can endure all types of wear. Granite has the following characteristics:

  • Heat resistance
  • Abrasion resistance to cutlery and other common kitchen items
  • Moisture resistance
  • Overall durability

Travertine Benchtops

Travertine benchtops add an extremely elegant touch to any space – subtle beauty, smooth textures and regal classicism. Our range of travertine provides stability and long-lasting performance as well as the inherent beauty that comes from natural stone. It is also a stylish option for combining natural stone with its outstanding durability.

Available in honed or polished finishes, various thicknesses, a large range of contemporary colours and a variety of edge detail to suit your chosen application.

Composite Stone Benchtops

Composite stone (also called engineered stone) is an artificial product manufactured from up to 93% quartz and high-quality polymer resins and pigments compacted under intense pressure. The quartz slabs are then machined to precise thicknesses, and polished to a lasting shine.

Composite stone surfaces retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone but offer design freedom for virtually any interior surface in the home from kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities and splashbacks, and also offers a versatile finish for commercial buildings.

Composite stone doesn’t require sealing because it’s non-porous, so it’s highly resistant to staining, very hygienic and easy to maintain.

Come to 55 Glynburn Road, Glynde and discuss benchtops in our new showroom. Let our interior design consultants guide you to selecting the best stone to suit your domestic or commercial project.

marble benchtop

Marble Benchtop

Granite Benchtop

Granite Benchtop

Travertine Vanity Benchtop

Travertine Benchtop

Composite Stone Benchtop

Composite Stone Benchtop

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